Seasonal Crops
  • HARDY GARDEN MUMS – We grow over 25 different varieties of chrysanthemums for fall color. Some bloom early in September while others are season extenders that don't start showing color until later in October. 

  • ORNAMENTAL KALE – Both red and white kale will be available after October 1st. These are in 8" pots and will be of good size and color. 

  • PANSIES – Pansies will be available after October 1st. Available in 6-packs in 6 colors - some varieties have a face and some are solid color. 

  • POINSETTIAS – We grow 15 different varieties of poinsettias in 7 different sizes, from a 4" pot single-bloom plan to a large 10" pot with 6 cuttings multi-bloomed. We have poinsettias in red, white, red & white combo, pink, bugrgundy and marble. 

  • CYCLAMEN – 4 1/2" or 6" pots; white, red, pink, lavender. 

  • CHRISTMAS CACTUS – 4" pots or 8" hanging baskets. 


  • NORFOLK ISLAND PINES – 4", 6" and 8" pots.

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