We carry foliage plants year round at The Wedge ranging from 2” to14” pot size. Whether you need a small plant for your office desk, a hanging basket for your kitchen, or large plants for an atrium, we have what you need. We can also special order plants - just ask. The following is a list of some items that we carry - not everything is available in all sizes or at all times - call or stop in for current availability.

African violets | Aglonema | Anthurium | Arbicola Schefflera | Bromeliads | Calathea | Crotons | Diffenbachia | Dracaenas (Massangena, Warnecki, Marginata, Lemon Line, Janey Craig) | Ficus | Ivy | Jade | Nephytis | Palms (Aceca, Bamboo, Majesty, Kentia, Sago, Neanthe Bella, Raphis) | Philodentron | Pothos | Rubber Plant | Sanseveria | Spathyphyllum | Xanadu | ZZZ Plant