Wedgewood Wholesale Customers/Prospective Customers

As many of you may know, we recently upgraded our retail POS system. As part of that upgrade, our new system gives us the opportunity to gain access to unparalleled data and inventory control. To maximize the effectiveness of the new system, it is imperative that any inventory that enters the retail space be rung through our retail registers.

How This Affects You:

  1. Anyone that has an established wholesale account is welcome to shop out of our retail store and will receive a 20% DISCOUNT off all purchases. These purchases MUST be rung through the retail registers. This includes any material that is Wedgewood grown and may be present on our wholesale availability. If it is pulled from the retail space, it will be discounted at 20%, no more, no less.

  2. If you have an established wholesale account with us, you now have an account set up within our new retail POS system. This account is programmed to automatically discount everything rung up through the register at a 20% rate. Upon bringing your items to check out, please inform our retail associates that you have a wholesale account set up with us. They will then search our system for your business name. If it is not in the system at the time of your purchase, then they are not authorized to provide any sort of discount (see #5).

  3. If paying with cash, check or credit card, you will pay and complete your purchase at the register. If you have terms with us, you will have your retail purchases rung up through the register. You can then sign for your purchases at the register, after which you will receive a copy of your invoice. We will then input your purchases into our Quickbooks system on the back end, so that statements and up-to-date open balances can be run.

  4. Anything that is housed in our wholesale greenhouses and is not marked off is still available to you at the regular wholesale rate. If you see something that interests you in retail, feel free to ask if that item is available anywhere else. We are working hard to develop a Solarium-esque area on our second property called “WW2-Wholesale Yard” exclusively for our wholesale customers for Spring 2019 that will include a sampling of everything we grow.

  5. If you do not yet have a wholesale account set up with us, you will not be given a discount at the time of purchase. You will be given a Customer Data Sheet to fill out and return to us. Upon receiving and reviewing your data sheet, we will then decide whether to grant you a wholesale account. If wholesale access is granted, you can then bring back your original receipt and we will credit you for 20% of your total purchases.
    Click here: Customer Data Sheet pdf

NOTE: Federal EIN numbers are now mandatory for having a new wholesale account through our company.
We thank you for your patience while we transition to this new system! We firmly believe that this change and future changes to come will benefit all of our customers (retail and wholesale) in the long run.

Luke and Matt Ruch, Owners of Wedgewood Gardens